When a probate or trust calls for the sale of real property, one of your most valuable allies is a knowledgeable real estate team. Your team can provide you with information about market conditions, pricing and strategies. An experienced team can also help you, and your clients, to understand the transaction – and to get the terms you want and need. Free of the emotional ties that sometimes complicate decision-making, a skilled team can save you time, money and headaches and support you as you make important choices during the transaction.

So what qualities should you look for in a real estate team for probate and trust?

  • Knowledge and experience. Your team should be up to date on local and regional markets and experienced meeting the requirements of the court.
  • A skilled team will “do it your way,” adapting easily to your preferences in methods and presentation.
  • Your team needs an established network of qualified, trained associates throughout the region who can assist with properties beyond local neighborhoods.
  • Time is money. Your team should be able to produce the reports you need, accurately and on time. Each step in the marketing and sale of real property must be handled promptly and professionally.
  • A qualified team will make sure that you have the most current contract documentation and disclosure forms for real property transactions.
  • Your team should be prepared to use aggressive marketing tactics – even after the initial offer has been accepted.
  • Your team should be able to provide straightforward explanations in non-technical terms to lawyers, accountants, trustees, administrators, conservators and, of course, clients.
  • Other agents and service professionals are involved in aspects of almost every transaction. Your team’s members should be personable, well liked and respected among their peers.
  • Your team should be available whenever you have a question – by office phone, cell phone, pager, voicemail, e-mail – and prepared to respond promptly.
  • Your team should be prepared to handle the offer and all the paperwork on the real property transaction.
  • Details are very, very important in every real property transaction, so look for evidence of care and accuracy in the team’s presentation.
  • Finally, look for a team who is trusted by your professional colleagues. Successful real estate teams are full-time professionals and, like doctors and jewelers, develop long-lasting relationships with their clients. The time you invest now in your selection could yield a friend and ally for life.

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